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With our beginning in 1957 as an industrial waste management company, MAX has a long history as a leading provider of waste services to the private and public sectors. We have a proven track record of providing environmentally sound, flexible and cost-effective waste solutions for manufacturing industries as well as site cleanup and development projects. Our Southwestern Pennsylvania facilities are home to state-of-the-art treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDFs), residual waste landfills, and specialized treatment units for waste dusts wastes, and sizing operations and material stabilization/solidification.

Whether your goals are to minimize long-term liability, reduce wastes, trim costs, or achieve a blend of these options, MAX has the solution.

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Navigating through multi-state environmental compliance requirements is a difficult task. MAX Environmental provides the expertise needed to establish an efficient and compliant waste treatment, transportation, and disposal program. Our knowledge of the regional environmental compliance regulations gives our clients peace of mind knowing that all wastes generated will be managed in accordance with DEP regulations.