Environmental Services | Consulting

MAX offers a full suite of consulting services backed by more than 55 years of environmental and waste management experience. Our consulting service areas include environmental permitting, compliance, and technology solutions for solid waste and wastewater treatment. As an owner of our own treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDFs), MAX offers special expertise in waste management and landfill operations. Our customized programs are based on your company’s priorities, with a focus on minimizing waste, reducing liability and maximizing cost savings.

Among our consulting services:

Waste Profiling

Accurate waste characterization and classification is critical not only for proper material management, but also for achieving regulatory compliance and minimizing handling costs. MAX’s professionals understand the intricacies of waste characterization and thus help our customers avoid the common pitfalls that result in violations or unnecessary expenditures.

Waste Management

Whether a one-time waste generation or a multi-waste stream program, MAX can help you achieve your waste management goals. Our specialists offer expertise in waste characterization, treatment, and minimization.

Permitting and Compliance

MAX’s experienced personnel can assist with permitting and compliance for both discrete projects and ongoing facility operations. Our expertise covers waste handling and disposal, wastewater discharges, landfill construction and remediation.

RCRA and SWMA assistance

MAX’s experienced personnel know the details and nuances of EPA’s and PADEP’s hazardous and solid waste regulatory laws, regulations and policies and can provide assistance to your company on topics ranging from proper notifications to waste listings.


Navigating through multi-state environmental compliance requirements is a difficult task. MAX Environmental provides the expertise needed to establish an efficient and compliant waste treatment, transportation, and disposal program. Our knowledge of the regional environmental compliance regulations gives our clients peace of mind knowing that all wastes generated will be managed in accordance with DEP regulations.