Our Company | Safety

At MAX Environmental Technologies, Inc., our commitment to safety is number one. We strive to create an environment free of hazards for the safety of our employees and visitors. By establishing, implementing and enforcing high safety standards and best practices at both of our facility locations and at any rig site or anywhere we perform field service work, our team targets zero incidents and continuous improvement. MAX maintains a HAZWOPER-trained workforce and corporate registration with ISNetworld and Pics Auditing, which is testament to our commitment to maintaining and implementing documented safety programs. We continually update our safety training programs and safety policies to reflect current regulatory requirements and on-the-job feedback.


Navigating through multi-state environmental compliance requirements is a difficult task. MAX Environmental provides the expertise needed to establish an efficient and compliant waste treatment, transportation, and disposal program. Our knowledge of the regional environmental compliance regulations gives our clients peace of mind knowing that all wastes generated will be managed in accordance with DEP regulations.