Our Company | Associations

MAX Environmental Technologies, Inc. participates in many trade and business associations. We work with these groups because they represent company and industry positions in public policy discussions, build critical relationships, educate stakeholders, and support informed, unbiased public policy decisions. Many trade and business associations have diverse memberships and diverse member views on matters of public policy. While MAX’s position on any matter of public policy reflects the company’s prevailing view irrespective of trade association positions, MAX endeavors to participate actively and support its key trade associations.

The following is a partial listing of industry and trade groups in which we are members:

Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association
Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia
Ohio Oil and Gas Association
Pics Auditing
Steel Manufacturers Association
Pittsburgh Builders Exchange
Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce
Washington County Chamber of Commerce
Southpointe and Marcellus Shale Chamber
American Iron and Steel Institute


Navigating through multi-state environmental compliance requirements is a difficult task. MAX Environmental provides the expertise needed to establish an efficient and compliant waste treatment, transportation, and disposal program. Our knowledge of the regional environmental compliance regulations gives our clients peace of mind knowing that all wastes generated will be managed in accordance with DEP regulations.