Waste Management

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Drilling Mud, Cuttings and Sludge Management

MAX provides solids management and pickup for oil and gas fields throughout the Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia area. We provide on-site solidification and stabilization services, as well as treatment and disposal at our facilities in Southwestern PA. MAX offers a complete line of liquid/solid separation and dewatering equipment as well as proprietary solidification reagents that absorb water-based and synthetic drilling fluid quickly and thoroughly.

Environmental Consulting and Construction Support

MAX delivers on discrete assignments, including site construction and reclamation support for exploration and production, environmental permitting, compliance and monitoring for operations, and technological solutions for wastewater management and treatment upgrades. As an owner of our own treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDFs), MAX is ideally suited to assist customers in developing reliable and cost-effective waste management programs.

Solids Control

  • Drilling cuttings Disposal
  • Mud Disposal
  • Reagent for Mix-off
  • Mix-off Services & Labor
  • Vacuum/Pressure Washer – Trailer Mounted
  • Tank – Barite Recovery
  • Tank – Cone
  • Tank – Cutting
  • Tank – Auger
  • Shale Bin – Low Side
  • Shale Bin – High Side
  • Shale Shaker
  • Generator Skid Mounted
  • Loader/Skid Steers
  • Bulldozers/Telehandlers
  • Roll offs
  • Closed Loop Equipment


Navigating through multi-state environmental compliance requirements is a difficult task. MAX Environmental provides the expertise needed to establish an efficient and compliant waste treatment, transportation, and disposal program. Our knowledge of the regional environmental compliance regulations gives our clients peace of mind knowing that all wastes generated will be managed in accordance with DEP regulations.